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PlayOffs bonuspoints!
verfasst von Opti am 02.06.2017 08:46
Congratulations to EFC for winning the PlayOffs!

Here are the added bonuspoints to clans:

EFC +40
oS +30
FP +20
BSG +20
UPS +10

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New rule
verfasst von Opti am 16.05.2017 15:43
Hello community!

We have good news to all who have waited a while when they can reset their points in community, now it's possible!

Rule goes like this:

- can reset your points with your current boardnick once in 2 years, then you can reset your points again after 2 years is over.
- reseting day is ALWAYS last day of the month for example: this month's 31st is the reseting day, next month's 30th is the reseting day.
- player needs to reply to topic "Requests for reseting points"
- we create new clan (RP = Reseting Points) and add clan back when last day of month is over.
- player has to wait in his clan 7 days till he is not red and then he can play normally.
- we move requested player to this 'RP' when it's last day of the month so they can play normally with current points to end of the month

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PlayOffs finals!
verfasst von Opti am 15.05.2017 15:36
The Final round of PlayOffs have started, The Final between EFC vs. oS has to be played 5vs5 and final day will be 28th May. gL hF to both!

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